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At American Mortgage Firm (AMF), we deeply appreciate and prioritize the relationships we build with realtors. Our commitment to excellence shines through every step, from initial contact to closing and beyond.

Ensuring Solid Preapproval Letters

AMF recognizes the pivotal role of a precise Preapproval Letter. We leave no room for compromise in this regard. Upon application, we promptly collect all necessary documents from the client to fortify our PreApproval Letters. This not only benefits our clients but also equips you, the realtor, to provide optimal assistance to your clients.

What to Anticipate When Referring a Client

When you refer a client to us, expect a swift and comprehensive process. We will promptly initiate contact with the client to commence the application. Simultaneously, we will reach out to you to gather essential information and establish a preapproval timeframe. Our thorough process includes reviewing the application with the borrower, scrutinizing their documents, and expeditiously working towards a Preapproval Letter, enabling you to swiftly submit offers on their behalf!

4 promises to realtors:

  1. We Prioritize Realtors: At AMF, we hold realtors in high regard. We understand that when you refer a client, it’s not just your reputation at stake, but your commission as well. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional services to both our clients and realtor partners. Recognizing that the choice of a mortgage lender is as crucial as the offer made on a home, we make ourselves available anytime, day or night, to support you.
  2. Your Clients Matter to Us: We comprehend that how we assist and serve your clients reflects on you. Our referrals are handled with meticulous care, ensuring they feel heard, well-cared-for, and, most importantly, satisfied with their real estate experience. Throughout the transaction, we maintain open communication with both you and your clients, keeping you informed of our progress every step of the way.
  3. We Can Salvage Deals: AMF possesses an array of resources that enable us to rescue real estate transactions. We invest unwavering efforts in assisting our clients. Our resources encompass a wide selection of lenders, credit solutions for borrowers, innovative loan programs, and specialized options for challenging situations. As experts in the mortgage industry, we excel at problem-solving during the contract phase. Our business is designed to facilitate successful deals, equipped not only with tools and resources but also the expertise to help you increase your sales.
  4. Realtor-Centric Resources: We provide valuable resources for realtors, including regular market updates via email, access to property valuation tools for Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), rental projections, and property-specific valuations. When you collaborate with AMF, you gain a Loan Officer who becomes your marketing partner, assisting with events, marketing materials, and lead follow-up.

What Clients & Partners Say

These four key points highlight our unwavering commitment to realtors and their clients, showcasing our dedication to building lasting, successful partnerships in the real estate industry.

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